Back-To-Work Stocks To Buy Now


The reopening of office premises had been hoped for because of vaccine penetration and a slowdown in new cases of COVID-19. However, when a new strain of the virus emerges, office stocks have taken a hit. The World Health Organization has attempted to assuage concerns about the new variety. Before the virus concerns struck again, office stocks were up 25% year to date. Because of vaccines and a decrease in new viral cases, new office demand increased by 444 percent in August. Transportation, furnishings, and human resource management are all industries that support workplaces and have seen significant growth.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 back-to-work stocks to buy now. HNI Corporation manufactures and distributes office products and services. The company has a solid dividend history and just declared a $0.31 per share quarterly payout. Insider Monkey’s database revealed that 12 hedge funds had positions in HNI Corporation worth $28 million. Human resources and business solutions are provided by Insperity, Inc. Year to date, the stock has risen more than 47 percent. With 511,258 shares worth more than $56 million, Glenview Capital is the largest stakeholder. Boston Properties, Inc. is a commercial real estate investment trust that specializes in office buildings. TCI Fund Management, based in London, is a major shareholder in Boston Properties, owning 12.9 million shares worth more than $1.4 billion. Commercial real estate services are provided by CBRE Group, Inc. Life is returning to public spaces now that the lockdowns and social restrictions have been lifted. Commercial properties are staging a comeback, and CBRE is a direct beneficiary of this trend. Southwest Airlines Co. is a Texas-based passenger airline. Southwest’s business travel is slowly returning to normal after a tumultuous 2020. Southwest has seen an uptick in business in recent months due to this. For more details, click 10 Back-To-Work Stocks To Buy Now.

10 Back-to-Work Stocks to Buy Now