Bar Harbor Bankshares (BHB) Insider Raises Profile By Over 1,000 Shares

Bar Harbor Bankshares (NYSE:BHB), saw one of is highest level insiders raise his exposure to the company through a transaction that began earlier in the week and was officially filed today, August 21rst. Director Matthew L. Caras picked up a total of 1,200 shares at average prices ranging from $26.885 to $27 per share. Following the completion of this transaction, Caras now holds a total of 3,056 shares directly in the company. Bar Harbor Bankshares (NYSE:BHB) is a $160.18 million market cap bank holding company. The Company has one wholly owned operating subsidiary, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust (the Bank), which offers a range of deposit, loan, and related banking products, as well as brokerage services provided, through a third-party brokerage arrangement.
There are not many outside investors; though, the largest comes from Jim Simons‘ Renaissance Technologies, which after raising its activity by 131% last quarter, now holds 59,900 shares worth about $1.67 million.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.
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