Best Alcoholic Drinks You Can Use As an Alternative Remedy


When science fails and you become sick and tired of all the labs and antibiotics, you might want to try with some of the best alcoholic drinks you can use as an alternative remedy.
It is proven that the clear alcohol cleans and cures wounds the best and the best part is that the clear alcohol is keeping the body from infections, but did you know that it can also cure pain and diseases? This doesn’t mean that you should use your condition as an excuse to get wasted all the time, but it is nice to know that there are 90% chances that you are always surrounded by the natural medications in your own house.
Actually, when the alcohol is invented, it had a totally different purpose than it has now. The original bottle of alcohol wasn’t meant to be used to get wasted and hung over the day after, but for the medicinal purpose as well as cleaning.
As any other antibiotic, it had side effects if you would get too much of it, but those side effects were the same as todays after the night out. Later, alcohol started to be made with flavors and to be experimented with and it ended up in nowadays beverages.
Besides all the bad side effects, we all know that it is recommended by the doctors to have at least a glass of beer or wine per a day. While wine is supposed to take care of your blood and heart, beer is said to have the positive influence on kidneys. On the other hand, if you miss the step to balance your nutrition with the daily amount of beer or wine on a daily basis, it will probably lead to damaging the liver. On the bright side, liver is the only organ in our body that regenerates by itself and it is said to be the easiest organ to find the donor for in the worst case scenario, since the donor will be taken only one tiny part of the liver, and it will grow up soon to the normal size.
Besides taking wine as a preventive for heart and blood diseases and beer for preventive for kidneys, you might want to check these 7 best alcoholic drinks for a sore throat, cough and cold you probably already have at your home. Just be careful not to mix your medications.