Best Augmented Reality Stocks to Buy Now


Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Many tech firms agree that augmented reality (AR), which digitally improves real-world environments, would be the next major computing platform. In 2024, the global demand for AR and VR is estimated to be worth $72.7 billion. Apple Inc. released ARKit 4, the latest iteration of its open-source augmented reality development tools, recently. Apple is working on two augmented reality projects: an augmented reality headset that will be released in 2022 and augmented reality glasses that will be released later. The stock of Etsy, Inc. has increased by 166 percent in the last year. In its phone app, the company recently added augmented reality support. Users can overlay Etsy, Inc items on various spaces to create a realistic view. With the release of the video game Pokemon Go in 2016, augmented reality became popular. It was downloaded 100 million times in its first month, making it a major success for Nintendo Co., Ltd., the video game maker. Augmented reality modeling is being used to build photorealistic AR in smartphones, as well as for 3D simulation in surgeries and to power head-up displays in vehicles. The demand for augmented reality technology is expected to be worth $15.3 billion by 2020. Since commercial use of the technology has evolved exponentially, now is the best time to invest in the best augmented reality stocks.

Insider Monkey gives a list of the 10 best augmented reality stocks to buy now. Vuzix Corporation creates augmented reality (AR) wearable displays and computing systems for consumers and businesses. Healthcare professionals, suppliers, field service providers, warehouse staff, and automobile firms are among the companies that use the smartglasses as their primary application. Autodesk, Inc. is a software company headquartered in California that develops software for the design, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. Because of its AutoCAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, the company is one of the best augmented reality stocks to invest in. Snap Inc. is a camera and social media company headquartered in California. Snapchat, Bitmoji, and Spectacles are among the technical goods and services it has produced and retains. Snap Inc. has released an optimistic forecast for the coming year, predicting sales growth of approximately 50%. Snap Inc.’s revenue rose by 66% to $770 million in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the previous quarter. Sony Group Corporation  is a global electronics company that designs, creates, manufactures, and sells consumer, technical, and industrial electronic equipment, instruments, and products. It recently demonstrated augmented reality headset prototypes that are currently being used in Japan’s Ginza Sony Park. The SmartEyeGlass, which has a holographic display feature, was also created by the company. QCOM is in a fantastic place to profit from the mainstreaming of augmented reality. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform serves as the foundation for the company’s first augmented reality reference design. The company’s latest revenue forecast for the second quarter of 2021 is $7.2-$8.0 billion. For more details, click The 10 Best Augmented Reality Stocks to Buy Now.