Best Cheap Oil Stocks to Buy in 2021


Proven oil reserves are currently 80 per cent of global production. The crude price is expected to rise only slightly by 2021, which would result in $397 billion in overall OPEC sales. Saudi Arabia is an OPEC member. Crude production increased to 9.8 million barrels in 2019. About a quarter of OPEC’s total production is produced in Saudi Arabia. Petroleum products are transported daily on major carriers. Unlisted profits fell by 34% in 2020. The U.S. production is above 17 million barrels per day. Based in Haynes and Mid-Cade shale plays, Vine Energy, Inc. was founded in 2014. The stock of Independence Contract Drilling has risen 11% over the last five days. A lot of low-priced oil stocks increased significantly in 2020. Marathon Oil Corporation is one of the top ten largest U.S. oil companies. They have surface land in the Permian Basin. Several microcap oil stocks made significant advances. It has bought stakes in the entire Permian oilfield. As the economy slowly rebounds, IA believes that energy use will increase.

Insider Monkey shares a list of the best cheap oil stocks to buy in 2021. The list begins with oil developer Enable Midstream Partners LP. Volume has increased by 83% since March. The PHX Mines are located in Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Arkansas. Recently, a company finalised a $11,947,000 cash and stock deal to acquire 2,698 acres of mineral rights in Southern SCO. W&T Offshore Inc. is one of the early oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has been exploring, producing, and acquiring natural gas since 1983. It ranks 8th in the list of excellent bargains for 2021. Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. operates offshore well intervention and ROV activities for both new and established wells. BTIG gave it a neutral rating. Calgary-based Enerplus Corporation is a cheap oil and gas play in our book. It is the largest Native American Indian reservation in Canada, with over 66,440 total acres in production. More details of these companies are in the article 10 Best Cheap Oil Stocks to Buy in 2021.