Best Clean Energy Stocks To Buy Today


More investors are flocking to the renewable energy sector. In 2021, global investment in the energy transition reached a new high of $755 billion. One of the primary catalysts fueling growth in the renewable energy sector is the government’s initiative in many countries to shift to the usage of clean energy. Democrats in the US House of Representatives have repeated their efforts for the $555 billion in climate change expenditures already approved by the House to be implemented. Another key element driving up the share price of renewable energy firms is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From large corporations to solar-powered homes, the transition to clean energy is expected to accelerate this year.

Insider Monkey chose the clean energy stocks to buy today. SunPower Corporation is currently one of the best-performing clean energy companies on the market. The solar technology company from California increased its revenue by 13% to $385 million in the fourth quarter. In Q4 2021, it added 17,000 new customers, a 31 percent increase year over year. One of the greatest renewable energy stocks to buy right now is Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. The Bermuda-based utilities firm now pays a $1.23 per share annual dividend. Last year, the company’s revenue increased by 9% to $3.37 billion. Consolidated Edison, Inc. claims to be the second-largest solar energy producer in North America. The business just stated that it will invest $4.7 billion in “green” projects. Citadel Investment Group, led by Ken Griffin, is a major shareholder in the New York-based utility company. Hedge funds have highlighted Plug Power Inc. as one of the top renewable energy stocks to consider. Another sustainable energy company is the hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer, which is situated in New York. D E Shaw is one of the company’s largest shareholders, with about 5.8 million shares worth $166 million. For more details, click 9 Best Clean Energy Stocks To Buy Today.

9 Best Clean Energy Stocks To Buy Today