By 2050, the effects of climate change might cause an 11% to 14% decline in the output of the world economy. The global economy might contract by as much as $23 trillion in monetary terms. All financial markets, including the equities markets, would undoubtedly be impacted by such a significant upheaval. Following a shareholder vote in May 2021, activist hedge fund Engine No.1 was awarded seats on the Exxon Mobil Corporation Board of Directors. These team members accepted the challenge of altering the company’s leadership’s perception of climate change. When it comes to responding to climate change, Exxon Mobil Corporation has lagged behind other integrated energy firms. The company expects the demand for natural gas and crude oil to continue to rise. Other energy behemoths, however, have reduced their investments in traditional energy sources.

Insider Monkey highlights the 11 best climate change stocks to buy. Large-scale solar projects are managed by Canadian Solar Inc., a solar photovoltaic module manufacturer situated in Guelph, Canada. The business boasts 20 production sites and services clients in more than 160 nations. In the fast-changing market, ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. holds a market share of over 70%, which is seven times greater than the next-largest rival in the sector. The business operates 163,000 charging stations in 14 European and North American nations. A pure-play renewable power platform with exposure to hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy storage facilities, Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. is situated in Bermuda. Long-term contracts are used by the business to sell the power produced by its facilities to corporate clients and electric utility companies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the driving forces behind the renewable energy software solutions offered by Stem, Inc., a San Francisco-based company. The company’s most popular distributed energy resources optimization technique saves 10% to 30% of energy. Manufacturer of solar modules First Solar, Inc., situated in Tempe, Arizona, is actively addressing climate change. The company plans opening its fourth facility in the US Southeast by 2025 and its third site by the beginning of the following year. For more details, click 11 Best Climate Change Stocks To Buy.