Best Consumer Staples Stocks to Buy Now


Toilet paper shortages at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a major fear-fueled consumer staples shopping spree in early 2020. This sent consumer staples stocks to new highs. Demand for these goods is expected to grow as consumer staples such as drinks and household products consolidate. The last time Procter & Gamble increased prices was more than a decade ago. The effect of the post-pandemic economy has not spared retailers. Tyson Foods, Inc. wants to compete with existing alternative meat producers on price. Plant-based meat items, such as hamburgers and sausages, will be introduced by the company. According to many reports, customers in lockdown have formed spending patterns that are likely to continue. As a result of the pandemic, the gap between different consumer staples could widen even further. It’s easy to see how ignoring shifting market dynamics can have a negative effect.

Insider Monkey gives a list of 10 best consumer staples stocks to buy now. Altria Group, Inc. is a tobacco, cigarette, and related goods company headquartered in Virginia. On our list of the top ten consumer staples stocks to buy right now, it ranks tenth. Mondelez International, Inc. is a multinational corporation headquartered in Illinois that manufactures and sells packaged foods. On our list of the top ten consumer staples stocks to buy right now, the company ranks ninth. With large acquisitions, the company is rapidly expanding its stakes in the packaged food market. After the New York firm reported solid quarterly earnings, investment advisory UBS upgraded PepsiCo, Inc. stock to a Buy from Neutral on April 21. Cheetos, Doritos, Pasta Roni, Aquafina, and Mountain Dew are some of the well-known brands it owns. Energizer Holdings, Inc. is a battery and lighting company headquartered in Missouri. On our list of the top ten consumer staples stocks to buy right now, it ranks seventh. Energizer and Eveready are two of the company’s brands, and they sell lithium, alkaline, carbon zinc, nickel metal hydride, and zinc air batteries. Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation (NASDAQ: PPC) is a food company headquartered in Colorado that is one of the country’s largest chicken meat producers. The company is involved in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe, and Asia. For more details, click The 10 Best Consumer Staples Stocks to Buy Now.