Best Delivery Stocks To Buy Now


Volatile supply chains are putting the spotlight on delivery stocks. Billion-dollar valuations have been achieved by third-party applications that focus solely on delivery It is predicted that by 2027, the online food delivery market alone will be worth $128 billion. Amazon, Uber, and Walmart are all excellent delivery companies to invest in right now. As the competition heats up, so does the number of industry mergers and acquisitions. Due to a lack of workers, delivery stocks have been impacted recently, but this shortage should diminish by 2022.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 11 best delivery stocks to buy now. Over the past year, shares of Blue Apron Holdings, Inc. have increased by over 20%. Redditors’ enthusiasm for the stock has caused it to soar. The company’s marketing budget will be increased in the near future as part of a plan to boost customer growth. Just Eat was upgraded by JPMorgan from Neutral to Overweight, with a price target of GBP 8,632. A “material” shift in the risk/reward ratio had been noted by the analyst. Papa John’s International, Inc. dividend payments to shareholders have lasted for eight years straight, which is impressive. After reporting third-quarter earnings in early November, the company surpassed market expectations on both earnings per share and revenue by $0.12. There has been an increase in the price target for Domino’s Pizza Inc. stock by Argus analyst John Staszak. The company is investing heavily in online sales, which now account for nearly 70% of total revenue in the United States. UPS declared a quarterly dividend of $1.02 per share early in November. The yield on the futures contract was 1.94 percentage points. Prior to the holiday season, the company hired more than 60,000 seasonal workers. With a price target of $200, UBS analyst has a Neutral rating on DoorDash, Inc. Shareholders may have already factored in the company’s growth in gross orders for the foreseeable future, according to an analyst. For more details, click 11 Best Delivery Stocks To Buy Now.