10 Best Digital Currency Stocks To Buy Now

In an effort to cut their losses, cryptocurrency companies have been firing employees and limiting withdrawals. The current state of affairs is in stark contrast to the phenomenal bull market that the industry had seen since the 2020 epidemic, when the prices of the most well-liked coins reached all-time highs. Stocks and cryptocurrency prices are currently falling. Market analysts, however, believe that the cryptocurrency industry will overcome this crisis. The cryptoverse has already recovered from these spirals, and as the use of digital money becomes more widespread, it appears that this will also happen this time.

Insider Monkey highlights the 10 best digital currency stocks to buy now. Research, design, and sales of integrated circuit mining equipment are activities of Canaan Inc. It is one of the best stocks to invest in for digital currency. In the fields of blockchain technology, datacenter operations, and artificial intelligence research, the company collaborates strategically with Northern Data AG. Enterprise analytics software and services are offered internationally by MicroStrategy Incorporated. Nearly 130,000 bitcoins are held by the company, which is run by Michael Saylor, and were purchased for a total of $3.98 billion. In the United States, a financial services platform is run by Robinhood Markets, Inc. The company is one among the greatest digital currency stocks to buy. The company revealed on September 20 that it had increased the platform’s retail-focused bitcoin services. Global financial infrastructure and technology are provided by Coinbase Global, Inc. One of the most well-known equities to invest in for digital currency is the firm. The company received regulatory approval from the Dutch central bank on September 22. Charge and credit card products are offered by American Express Company, along with travel-related services. By the end of 2022, the corporation hopes to add 1,500 additional technical employees to its technology sector after hiring more than 3,600 this year. For more details, click the 10 Best Digital Currency Stocks To Buy Now.