Best Dividend Stocks According to George Soros


Born in Hungary and studied at the London School of Economics, George Soros is one of the most notable investing legends. This post reviews his opinion on the 10 Best Dividend Stocks. From 1969 to 2011, George Soros managed outside money and generated a 20% average annual return. He is also known for making $1 billion in profits in 1992. Soros Fund Management started positions in 54 stocks in 2019 while adding 22 existing ones. It also sold 41 stocks in the year. The value of its 13F portfolio increased to $5.29 billion at the close of 2020.

George Soros likes to buy stocks during times of volatility. He has always been a believer in high-dividend stocks, which have shown strong returns in the past. Despite the steady rise of George Soros’ reputation, the hedge fund industry’s reputation has been tarnished by the past decade. This is largely due to the unhedged returns of its funds. Insider Monkey’s newsletter identified a few hedge funds that significantly underperformed the markets. From March 2017 to February 2021, their stock picks returned 197.22%, beating the S&P 500 by 124 percentage points. 

Now to Insider Monkey’s review on the 10 Best Dividend Stocks looking at Soros Fund Management which launched a new position in Qualcomm during the fourth quarter of 2020. The stock price of QCOM has fallen more than 7% this year, but its dividend yield of almost 2% would provide investors with a safety net. Since the fourth quarter of 2019, George Soros has been holding a stake in Equitable Holdings. According to the billionaire, his stock pick worked in the company’s case due to its robust share price performance in the last 12 months. Soros’ Fund Management has added Synchrony Financial to its list of top 10 dividend stocks. The company has raised its payouts in the last four years. During the fourth quarter, the legendary investor started a new position in Texas instruments. Since then, the shares of the company have gained significantly. The conclusion of this article from Insider Monkey is worth reading. Check it up on the 10 Best Dividend Stocks According to George Soros.