Best Dividend Stocks According To Matthew Barrett’s Glendon Capital


Three ex-Barclays employees formed Glendon Capital Management, which they named after themselves. An average annual return of 17% was achieved by the team between 2007 and 2013. When Glendon was spun out of the bank in 2013, it had assets under management of about $2.8 billion. Credit and equity investments are made in distressed securities by Glendon Capital Management. The fourth quarter saw significant investments in the financial services, energy and basic materials sectors PG&E Corporation and Chesapeake Energy Corporation are two of the fund’s notable holdings.

Insider Monkey discusses the dividend stocks in Matthew Barrett’s portfolio. Whiting Petroleum Corporation is a US energy company. It began paying a quarterly dividend of $0.25 per share on February 8th, and the policy has been in place since. As of March 1, the stock’s dividend yield was 1.31 percent. Agriculture-related products are the primary focus of CF Industries Holdings, Inc. Dividends of $0.30 per share are paid out on a quarterly basis, for a dividend yield of 1.47 percent as of March 1. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Glendon Capital increased its stake in Chesapeake Energy Corporation by 7%. Matthew Barrett’s portfolio contained 10.79 percent of the hedge fund’s total holdings, totaling over $205.2 million. At 44 percent, Ally Financial Inc. is one of the best income-oriented dividend stocks on the market today. Matthew Barrett’s holdings in the company accounted for 6.13 percent of his total portfolio value in the fourth quarter of 2021. Nearly $2.4 billion is the combined value of these stakes. An increase of 13% over the previous quarter’s payout was announced by Vistra Corp. As of March 1, the stock’s dividend yield was 3.10 percent. For more details, click  10 Best Dividend Stocks According To Matthew Barrett’s Glendon Capital.