Best Dividend Stocks To Buy According To Arosa Capital Management


Till Bechtolsheimer and Abraham Joseph founded Arosa Capital Management in 2013. As a result, the hedge fund began purchasing stock in oil and gas firms. After a few years, the company began concentrating on climate change-related clean energy stocks. Through extensive research and analysis, Arosa Capital invests in both traditional and alternative energy companies. Other investments made by the firm include real estate and private companies. Identifying transformative market trends relies heavily on research, which is why it focuses on this topic.

Insider Monkey focused on the best dividend stocks according to Arosa Capital. For the last three years, the dividend has been increasing. There is currently a quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share paid out by the NASDAQ-listed company Diamondback Energy. Hedge fund Arosa Capital’s 13F portfolio included 2.01% stake in the company. Arosa Capital’s fourth-largest holding in Q4 was ConocoPhillips. After doubling its stake in the company during the quarter, the hedge fund now owns a stake worth more than $14.4 million. For the past 28 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been steadily increasing its dividend. The company distributes a $1.11 dividend per share each quarter. The midstream energy infrastructure company Targa Resources Corp. is based in Texas. Barclays was pleased with the company’s improved results and strong execution in January. Dividends will now be paid out at $0.35 per share, a 250% increase. For more details, click the 10 Best Dividend Stocks To Buy According To Arosa Capital Management.

10 Best Dividend Stocks To Buy According to Arosa Capital Management