Best Dividend Stocks to Buy According to Billionaire Louis Bacon


Moore Capital Management, a hedge fund, was founded by Louis Bacon. Since its debut in 2009, the fund has returned an annualized rate of 17.6 percent. It was created in 1989, with a $25,000 gift from his mother. Following Bacon’s decision to stand down from managing investor funds in 2019, Moore Capital achieved the highest returns in 2020. To produce returns, the New York-based hedge fund employs a risky, global macro-based strategy. As of the conclusion of the first quarter, it was worth around $7.87 billion. Moore Capital made money by making risky wagers on equities and company debt that paid off. In the most recent quarter, the hedge fund boosted its holdings in Microsoft Corporation by 1,406 percent. Louis Bacon, of Moore Capital Management, owns 469,901 shares in the firm for $110.79 million.

Insider Monkey has compiled a list of the ten best dividend stocks to buy according to billionaire Louis Bacon. Citigroup Inc. is the tenth best dividend stock to invest in. In the previous year, the financial holding company returned 46.37 percent. If you’re searching for a reliable dividend payer, Citigroup is a great investment to add to your portfolio. According to billionaire Louis Bacon, PNM Resources, Inc. is the ninth greatest dividend stock to purchase. Over the previous year, the company’s stock had increased in value by around 26.98 percent. Magnetar Capital is the company’s largest shareholder, owning 3.19 million shares. According to millionaire Louis Bacon, Lockheed Martin Corporation is the eighth best dividend stock to purchase. The company has paid stable dividends for several years and is a key holding in Bacon’s first-quarter portfolio. According to millionaire Louis Bacon, Cisco Systems, Inc. is ranked seventh on the list of the top ten dividend stocks to purchase. In keeping with recent quarters, the firm issued a quarterly dividend of $0.37 per share. 2.70 percent is the forward yield. According to millionaire Louis Bacon, The Chemours Company is ranked sixth among the top ten dividend stocks to purchase. Sessa Capital, a New York-based investment business, is a major stakeholder, owning 8.88 million shares worth more than $247.77 million. For more details, click 10 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Now According to Billionaire Louis Bacon.