Best Dividend Stocks To Buy According To Noam Gottesman’s GLG Partners


GLG Partners was created in 1995 and eventually purchased for $1.6 billion by Man Group. When the company was sold to Man Group in 2003, Gottesman stepped down as CEO. He is well known for co-founding GLG Partners, an investment firm. The 13F portfolio value of GLG Partners is over $28.7 billion, down from $31.1 billion the previous quarter. Microsoft Corporation and, Inc. are two of the hedge fund’s noteworthy positions.

Insider Monkey discusses the 10 best dividend stocks in Noam Gottesman’s portfolio. Pfizer Inc. is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotech corporation based in the United States. During the pandemic, investors were drawn to the company because of its vaccination doses. Despite the stock’s modest dividend yield, it is one of the most trustworthy dividend companies due to its consistent dividend payments. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated increased its annual dividend by 16 percent to $1.45 per share. This was the company’s 11th consecutive yearly dividend increase. As of the close of business on May 20, the stock’s dividend yield was 1.21 percent. QUALCOMM Incorporated is a global firm based in California specializing in semiconductor and wireless technology manufacturing. Insider Monkey found 75 hedge funds with over $4.8 billion in interest in the company. Since 2010, GLG Partners has been a shareholder in Target Corporation. The firm held shares in the company worth about $150 million in Q1 2022, accounting for 0.52 percent of Noam Gottesman’s portfolio. The total value of these stakes was estimated to be around $4 billion. GLG Partners cut its holding in Johnson & Johnson by 36% and now owns $171 million in the company. Noam Gottesman’s portfolio contained 0.59 percent of the firm. Citigroup boosted its price estimate on the stock from $210 to $210 in April. For more details, click the 10 Best Dividend Stocks To Buy According To Noam Gottesman’s Glg Partners.