Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now


Oil prices have soared to a new all-time high in July. The UAE and Saudi Arabia battled over an eight-month extension to output limitations proposed by the major oil-producing countries during their OPEC conference. Oil prices have risen at an unprecedented rate as a result of this conflict. The oil industry has been steadily evolving into a successful investment option. In light of OPEC agreements to lift production cuts this June, shares of companies with ties to the sector rose as well. This development signaled a positive picture for global oil and gas consumption. Capital gains from rising stock prices can benefit the common investor. With a 10% rise in May, the energy sector led the S&P 500’s 11 sectors. Relaxed travel limitations influenced rising demand for energy supplies, particularly oil and gas. As investor confidence improves, the energy sector is proving to be a promising investment opportunity.

Insider Monkey looks at the 15 best energy stocks to buy now. On the list of the top energy stocks to purchase right now, National Energy Services Reunited Corp. is ranked 15th. Oil and gas firms throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Pacific use the company’s oilfield services. TotalEnergies SE is ranked 14th. The company’s gross profit margin is 38.33 percent, and its stock has increased 17.83 percent in the last year. California Resources Corporation is ranked 13th. The company’s revenue was $261 million, up 6.53 percent year over year and up from $228 million in the prior quarter. The gross profit margin of California Resources Corporation is 49.79 percent. PDC Energy, Inc. is the 12th best energy stock to buy right now. Over the next three years, the company’s three-year plan may generate $2.5-3 billion in free cash flow. First Solar, Inc. is ranked 11th. In the United States, Japan, France, Canada, India, Australia, and other countries, the company offers photovoltaic solar energy solutions. BP Plc is ranked 10th. According to Bloomberg, the stock has gained 4.92 percent in the last six months and 22.8 percent year to date. SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. is ranked 9th. For solar photovoltaic installations, the business creates DC-optimized inverter systems. Its revenue came in at $405.49 million, which was $9.92 million higher than expected. For more details, click 15 Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now.

Best Energy Stocks to Buy Now