Best Environmental Documentaries You Need To See


People neglect the fact that we are ruining our planet with our actions. Every time the new factory is started, every time some engine is on, and even when you light your cigarette, at least one molecule of ozone layer disappears.  Not only that we ruin the ozone layer, but we also uncover our planet, which leads to global warming, which we are all aware of, but don’t do anything about it. And as the smoke is everywhere, air pollution is also on. Those facts are just the part of the problems best environmental documentaries you need to see are dealing with.

All the contamination is the result of human action and the main goal of this documentaries is to raise the awareness among people. One of the first things you learned in primary school is that the water is the fluid without color, smell, and taste. But the fluid that runs out of our sinks is neither colorless, nor tasteless, and smells awful. If we continue to take care of our planet like we did so far, what will our kids learn in the first grade? That the water is the fluid with brown/black/yellow/green color, depending on the area they live in and that is smells and tastes worse than garbage? If we continue to live like this, our kids will really live like that. Do you really want to let that happen? I don’t think so. It may be easy for you do buy bottled water for now, but how many years would pass before we wouldn’t be able to even clear them in factories?

And what about cutting forests? Many trees have been taken down, so than the new factory could be grown at that spot, but people clearly miss the point of the green. Their job is to clear the air and provide us with oxygen, and what would we be left with when all the trees are gone? I know that I don’t want my son and his descendants wear gas masks their whole life because there won’t be any clear air left on the planet.

We all say that we would do anything needed so the next generation can live healthier and easier life. But, in order to help them, we need to help our planet Earth first. Don’t know how? There are at least 12 best environmental documentaries on Youtube that have solution. There is no excuse now.