10 Best ESG Stocks to Invest In

Governments were compelled to enact renewable energy legislation and make commitments to a net-zero future by citizen movement regarding climate change. Large firms that now openly discuss their ESG compliance in their annual reports clearly demonstrate the impact of this social trend. Generations Y and Z are increasingly aware of their environmental impact. Environmental Social and Governance, or ESG, is an acronym for a specified framework for assessing a company’s social and environmental performance. When making an investment decision, ESG investing takes into account the financial, social, environmental, and governance issues. Investors paid close attention to ESG funds because in 2021, almost $69 billion was put in them. Although ESG investing is becoming more popular, fund managers have been strongly opposed to it, citing the risk involved in making investments in businesses using ESG as the primary criterion.

Insider Monkey highlights the ten best ESG stocks to invest in. In the preceding fiscal quarter, Q2-FY23, Salesforce, Inc. produced a solid financial performance. It announced non-GAAP EPS of $1.19 and revenue of $7.7 billion, up 22% over the prior year. The business also provided encouraging Q3 expectations. Despite supply restrictions, Apple Inc. reported Q2-2022 revenue of $83.0 billion, up 2% year over year. The company topped the average estimate by $0.04 and reported normalized EPS of $1.20 for the quarter. Uber Technologies, Inc. announced strong results for the second quarter of 2022, exceeding market expectations by $700 million and reporting revenue of $8.07, up 105% year over year. The second-largest payment processor in the world is MasterCard Incorporated. The company reported Q2-2022 revenue of $5.5 billion, a 21.4% increase over the same period last year. Mastercard operates in more than 200 nations and accepts payments in more than 150 different currencies. Google is a fully owned subsidiary of holding firm Alphabet Inc. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are upheld by the business. For more details, click the Ten Best ESG Stocks To Invest In.