Best Games Coming in 2021


The pandemic’s effect registered in the gaming industry, as many games scheduled for release this year, was delayed due to COVID-related production challenges. While games like Gotham Knight have been postponed, Insider Monkey, in the article 10 Best Games Coming in 2021 has assembled many more titles confirmed to be released in 2021.

Returnal is a sci-fi horror game that combines the explosive action of arcade combat with the bullet-hell gameplay of a third-person shooter. The game will have stunning visuals that will contrast the dark environment and the neon lights of the bullet hell. The 3D audio and fast loading times will also add to the experience. Far Cry 6, the sixth instalment of the series and takes place in Colombia. It features a storyline that follows Dani Rojas, a local Yaran, searching for freedom from the dictator Anton Castillo. Navid Khavari mentioned that verticality would provide a new gameplay experience and allow players to run across rooftops and use back alleys.

Deathloop is next on the list. This game revolves around two rival assassins who are trapped in a time loop on Blackreef. The only way to end their cycle is by assassinating the Visionaries before the day resets. Each new loop allows you to discover something new, and the final objective is to complete the loop perfectly. Capcom’s popular survival horror game series, Resident Evil, revolves around the eponymous character kidnapped by Chris Redfield after being suddenly taken to a mysterious European village. The game requires players to use various skills and weapons to defeat enemies and gain resources. It is said to be longer than previous instalments and possibly even the longest. The Elder Scrolls Online is an online role-playing game that was first released in 2014. Its latest update, which is called Blackwood, will be released in 2021. This game features a new zone, a new storyline, and a new world event. The most significant addition to this update is the new Companions system, which will allow players to group up and realistically take on the dungeons. More intriguing details on best games and their release dates await you as you read the article The 10 Best Games Coming in 2021.