Best Genomic Stocks to Buy


Genomics is defined as the study of genes and their interrelated functions. Some people might mix up the term genomics with the one called, genetics. The major difference between the two concepts is that genetics primarily is the study of a single gene, meanwhile, genomics focuses on all genes and their interrelated relationships. Genomics’ stocks have been in the limelight for investors due to lower costs and accelerated growth in medical sciences have created a promising future for these stocks. Due to advancement, genomics doesn’t only allow people to live a longer and healthier lives, instead, it also is transforming the healthcare industry to a great extent. As per a study by Zion Market, the genomics market is currently valued at $16.4 billion and it is anticipated that a sum of $41.2 billion will be generated from this industry by 2025. With rapid advancement in medical sciences, investors have reaped great financial benefits from its allied industry. In this article, we will discuss the best genomics stocks as shared by Insider Monkey. 

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ranks 5th on the list. Experts rate this company’s stocks as good to buy. The value of total HF holdings of this company stands at $902 million. This company primarily focuses on research and production of therapeutics for diseases related to the human genes. The company recently appointed Tolga Tanguler as its new Chief Commercial Officer. Tolga will lead the company’s global market and sales operations, commercial as well as market access.

Agilent Technologies, Inc. stands on 4th position on the list and the company’s total value of HF holdings is $3.2 billion. Agilent Technologies focused on development and production of electronic and bio-analytical apparatus for communications and chemical analysis firms. The company reported a sum of $1.26 million revenue during the third quarter of 2020.

Third on the list ranks Natera Inc. It is a genetic testing company with its focus on DNA testing in more than one area. Natera is also popular for its prenatal test, commonly known as Panorama. OrbiMed Advisors are believed to be the top buyer of this company’s stocks. OrbiMed has invested a sum of $152 million by September end this year. Value of HF holdings of this company is $932 million. For more information about other companies in the list, continue reading 12 Best Genomic Stocks to Buy.

Best Genomic Stocks to Buy