Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks


It’s a reality that COVID-19 was the topic of the day during the year 2020. It all started from the Far East and engulfed the entire world. In one form or the other, coronavirus is most likely to have a direct impact on various healthcare stocks during 2021 as experts have predicted that corona vaccine will readily be available by mid-2021 across the globe. According to sources, around 57 million people suffered from this pandemic while it caused around 1.4 million deaths the world over. Alone in the US, 11.6 million cases have been reported and a total of 250,000 people lost their lives. Besides human casualties, COVID-19 has caused irreparable economic and financial loss to the world economy. Currently, two kinds of companies will be the biggest winners in the healthcare sector during 2021: firms which have been able to develop vaccine and treatment for Coronavirus, and the companies that have successfully survived through high and tide and can now benefit once everything is back to normal. Now, we explore the best healthcare dividend stocks as shared by Insider Monkey. Some of these companies are in the final stages of developing anti-corona products.

On the 5th position stands Merck & Co., Inch. This New-York-based company is the largest pharma company with an estimated capital of around $200 billion. The quarterly dividend announced by the company during November was $0.65 per share. This witnessed an increase of 6.6% from past dividend rate of $0.61. According to an announcement last month, the company declared During the last month. Besides this, Eisai and Merck announced the positive development from the study, jointly conducted, on the patients suffering from advanced stage of endometrial cancer. 
Now, at the 4th position is the Pfizer Inc. pharma. This company has been in the limelight since the successful trial of corona vaccine alongwith the German-based BioNTech company. The vaccine has been 95% effective to prevent COVID-19-based illness. It is believed that Pfizer is developing around 50 million doses by the end of 2020. The vaccine has been approved by North American and European countries. During early December, Pfizer announced a dividend at $0.39/share for the first quarter of the next year. This is around 3% higher to the dividend amounting to $0.38/share for 2020’s fourth quarter. You can read about other companies in the list at 10 Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks.

Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks