Best Healthcare Stocks to Buy According to Hedge Funds


The coronavirus epidemic has been sweeping the globe for two years. So far, there have been about 33 million cases in the United States, with nearly 600,000 deaths. A new assessment of how people have dealt with the outbreak has been issued. The “new normal,” as it’s been dubbed, has undoubtedly taken hold of the world. Pfizer Inc. had $41.9 billion in revenue last year, whereas Johnson & Johnson’s revenues in 2020 were $82.6 billion.

Insider Monkey has compiled this list of the 10 best healthcare stocks to buy according to hedge funds. Hedge funds rank CVS Health Corporation 10th on the list of the best healthcare stock choices to buy. CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, and Aetna, among other connected businesses and chains, are all owned by the firm. The world’s largest syringe manufacturer is Becton, Dickinson and Company. In light of increased vaccine demand worldwide, the company stated on June 8th that it had reached a new high of 2 billion injectable device orders from throughout the world. Hedge funds put Medtronic Plc eighth on the list of the top healthcare stocks to purchase. As of, the company has 65 hedge fund investors and a 7.5 percent popularity rating. Its stock increased by 7.52 percent, giving it a market capitalization of $168 billion. According to hedge funds, Abbott Laboratories is ranked seventh among the top ten healthcare stocks to buy. Abbott Laboratories, which has a market cap of $195.7 billion, has a popularity rating of 7.5 percent, with 65 hedge funds owning shares. Hedge funds put Pfizer Inc. seventh on the list of the top healthcare stocks to purchase. The business was one of the first to develop a coronavirus vaccine, which is now on the CDC’s list of recognized and safe vaccines to use. For more details, click 10 Best Healthcare Stocks to Buy According to Hedge Funds.