Best Healthcare Stocks To Buy In 2022


Consumer preferences are shifting, and life sciences and healthcare are collaborating more frequently in the post-COVID world. The healthcare industry is benefiting from and adapting to changes like remote working and virtual doctor visits as the public health sector faces uncertainty and a reinvented outlook. The S&P 500 includes many healthcare stocks, including Teladoc Health and Abbott Laboratories, two of the sector’s top contenders.

Insider Monkey selected the 10 best healthcare stocks to buy in 2022. Royalty Pharma is a leading American buyer of biopharmaceutical royalties. The $0.18 dividend, an increase of 11.8% from the previous year, was paid out by the company. To shareholders of record on February 18, the dividend will be paid on March 15. Sage Therapeutics, Inc.’s price target was raised by Needham analyst Ami Fadia on January 6 to $85 from $79. Analysts are optimistic about the company’s stock “setup” this year because of a number of pipeline developments. Life science research, medical laboratories, and clinical diagnostics are some of the industries served by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Earnings per share for the company were $3.21, beating expectations by $0.34. In the United States and abroad, Teladoc Health, Inc. provides B2B virtual healthcare services for both businesses and individuals. Telehealth devices, AI and analytics, and medical opinions are among the services provided by the company. According to Teladoc’s press release from December, the National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions has agreed to expand their partnership. Seagen Inc. is a biotechnology company based in Washington that develops anti-cancer therapies based on antibodies. Seagen reported a loss per share of $0.95 and revenue of $430 million in its fourth-quarter earnings report, which missed expectations by $28.18 million. For more details, click 10 Best Healthcare Stocks To Buy In 2022.