Best Jim Cramer Stocks to Buy Now


Jim Cramer is the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and a former hedge fund manager. Over the last few years, his stock recommendations have regularly beaten the market. He is a huge supporter of technology stocks that have experienced rapid development. Jim Cramer started the firm he works for, Cramer Levy Partners. Jim Cramer, the founder, has a net worth of more than $150 million. He contributes to TheStreet, the financial publication he co-founded in 1996, on a monthly basis. Bitcoin and Chipotle are two of the stocks that Cramer has championed in recent months.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 15 best Jim Cramer stocks to buy now. Cintas Corporation is ranked fifteenth. Over the last few months, the company’s stock has provided investors with returns of more than 31%. Cramer described the stock as “terrific” in the medium and small business market on his show in early April. Fastly, Inc. is ranked fifteenth. The company has a market valuation of more than $5 billion and had revenue of more than $290 million last year. GameStop Corp. is rated thirteenth. In the past year, investors have received a 4,112 percent return on their investment in the company’s stock. Short-sellers suffered historic losses when GameStop was shorted in January. In the last six months, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. stock has returned 743 percent to investors. In early July, the business canceled a previously announced share increase. Cramer praised the firm’s CEO, Adam Aron, for his leadership. Shopify Inc. is ranked eleventh. According to Cramer’s analysis, the company’s stock has returned 55 percent to investors in the last year. In the last five years, the stock of the company has increased by more than 4,500%. Honeywell International Inc. is ranked tenth. Over the previous twelve months, the stock has provided investors with returns of more than 50%. Cramer predicted the stock would rise higher on the back of automated warehousing solutions in November of last year. For more details, click 15 Best Jim Cramer Stocks to Buy Now.