Best Mailchimp Email Marketing Alternatives


If you are sick and tired of your emails for advertising your new product or a company or whatever else being marked as spam or automatically deleted, you may want to try some of the best Mailchimp email marketing alternatives out there.

The first thing you should know about Mailchimp in general is there is unlimited emails your subscribers can receive, but the price is higher depending on the number of subscribers. For example, the lowest number of subscribers you may have goes to 1,000. For this number of people, you will pay only $15. But. If the number of subscribers jumps to 1,002, you will be charged double. The highest price is $240 and it is for bigger sites, where the number of subscribers is between 25,000 and 50,000. This actually isn’t much, giving the circumstances that your site obviously earns a good money with that many subscribers.

Mailchipm owns 45,62% of the email marketing shares, which means that this way of advertising is slowly overtaking the whole marketing industry. It is estimated that, by the year of 2023 most of the advertisers and big companies will transfer to this kind of marketing and that Mailchimp marketing shares will jump up to 86,4 by that year at least.

But, if you would look closer, you will find out that there are mailchimp email marketing alternatives that are far more useful and cheaper than the Mailchimp. Although we have already seen that Mailchimp is not that expensive at all, why would you give them that much money, if you can spend almost twice less for the same service? And what are these Mailchimp email alternatives? Insider Monkey tried to answer this question as well, and by consulting Quora, FormGet, and Capterra and combining it with calculating the monthly cost of sending emails per a day and the features that come with them, they managed to compile the list of 10 better cheaper Mailchimp alternatives for email marketing.