12 Best Medical Technology Stocks to Buy

After U.S. President Biden acknowledged that the pandemic was gone, the COVID-19 virus can finally be put to rest. John Hopkins Institute statistics show that the virus still claims the lives of 400 people per day. According to Biden, mask mandates are gradually fading away and the economy has nearly fully recovered.  When compared to the numbers for the same month last year, US healthcare funding, clinical trials, and National Institutes of Health expenditures all showed an increase. Sequencing was the clinical trial keyword that grew the fastest in August, demonstrating the value that medtech companies place on cutting-edge technology.

Insider Monkey highlights the 12 best medical technology stocks to buy. Abiomed, Inc. is a company that conducts research, develops, and sells medical devices that help or take the place of a failing heart’s pumping action. The company reported earnings for the first fiscal quarter, exceeding projections by $0.19 with earnings per share of $1.25. Both domestically and abroad, Teladoc Health, Inc. offers virtual healthcare services. One of the most well-known stocks to invest in for medical technology is the firm. The business declared on August 26 that it would collaborate with Cloud DX to offer remote monitoring solutions in Canada. The company is one of the greatest stocks to buy in the medical technology sector. According to media sources, the corporation is thinking about selling two important renal drug-related businesses. The cost of hemodialysis machines and renal-care services is anticipated to be significantly below $1 billion. Products and technologies for structural heart disease, critical care, and surgical monitoring are offered by Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. On September 15, the business received regulatory approval in the US for the PASCAL Precision transcatheter. The company’s difficult Q2 was underlined by a Citi analyst, who also emphasized that guidance could be revised. Sequencing and array-based solutions for genetic and genomic analysis are offered by Illumina, Inc. For $200 per genome, new products can read a person’s genetic information. The cost of two new versions in the new NovaSeq X Series product line is $1.25 million and $985,000, respectively. For more details, click 12 Best Medical Technology Stocks To Buy.