Best Motorcycle Companies in the World


The robust growth of the motorcycle industry can be attributed to the increasing number of people in developing countries who have overcome their poverty. By 2026, the industry is expected to reach a total of $156.9 billion. The global motorcycle market shrunk in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it is expected to grow at a robust rate in the next couple of years. Like China and India, some of the emerging markets are expected to register strong growth in the next couple of years. The emergence of electric motorcycles will significantly affect the way the industry is operated in the next decade. Some of the companies expected to take off include Accell Group N.V., Zero Motorcycles, and Energica. Insider Monkey’s article is to enlighten us on The 10 Best Motorcycle Companies in the World.

Due to their various advantages, Japanese manufacturers have gained the trust of consumers globally. These manufacturers’ products are widely popular in different parts of the world. While European motorcycle brands like BMW and Ducati are known for their advanced products and aesthetics. In the tenth place on the list is Hendee Manufacturing Company, established in 1901 by George M. Hendee, an accomplished bicycle racer. The name changed to Indian Motorcycle Company. Their bikes are known for their heritage-inspired designs and impeccable styling. Since 1953, Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has been producing high-end motorcycles in Europe. After going bankrupt in 1991, it was purchased by Pierer Mobility and Bajaj Auto. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd first introduced its motorized cycle, The Triumph 1, in 1902. The British military used it during the Second World War.

Seventh on this list is Suzuki that has continuously produced some of the most exciting motorcycles in the world since its first bicycle was launched in 1952. The company’s vast network of distributors and production facilities helps it maintain its competitive advantage. Then, Kawasaki offers a variety of models and lower prices than their competitors. They are known for their ultra-fast speed and have won 7 World Superbikes titles in the last eight years. You can get the top best motorcycle companies by reading Insider Monkey’s The 10 Best Motorcycle Companies in the World