Best Penny Stocks To Buy Now

Jerome Powell, the head of the US Federal Reserve, has a hawkish approach to fighting inflation. To 11.239 million in July 2022, there were 11.29,000 more job vacancies in the US. The monthly jobs report also showed that there were typically two open positions on the market. According to some experts, such events present potential investors with appealing buying possibilities. The market typically rises to new highs after striking the bottom, according to historical norms. Many investors favor the penny stocks with the greatest potential for capital growth. Apple Inc. once traded in the area of penny stocks.

Insider Monkey highlighted theĀ  16 best penny stocks to buy now. Results for Q2 2022 by FlexShopper, Inc. were better than anticipated. Revenue grew by 19.1% year over year to $36.54 million, exceeding the consensus estimate of $32.08 million. The analysts’ expected loss per share of six cents was surpassed by GAAP EPS of 51 cents. In Sinaloa, Mexico, the Panuco silver-gold project is entirely owned by Vizsla Silver Corp. On July 28, Heiko Ihle analysts began following the stock with a Buy rating and a $1.60 target price. Optical genome mapping is used by Bionano Genomics, Inc., a company based in San Diego, California, to investigate and identify genetic illnesses using the Saphyr platform. After a study highlighting the use of OGM as a Southern blot substitute was published in August 2022, the stock rose to an eight-month high. The legalization of cannabis for medical use in 38 states has increased the drug’s popularity in the US. This expanding market presents an opportunity for OrganiGram Holdings Inc. The business already sends its goods to Israel and Australia. CuriosityStream Inc. stock received a target price of $8 and a Buy rating from Benchmark on August 16. The company reported revenue of $22.3 million and strong Q2 2022 performance, with subscriber growth of 25% year over year. Sustainable aviation fuel is produced by Gevo, Inc., a company based in Englewood, Colorado. Gevo’s SAF is much less harmful to the environment than conventional gasoline. For the corporation to reach the numbers promised to its partners, a considerable ramp-up in production levels would be necessary. For more entails, click 16 Best Penny Stocks To Buy Now.