Best Poems for Children


Children are our treasure and we should treat them that way. Besides being hungry and sleepy, they require much more attention to developing properly. It isn’t just enough to give them food, water and put them into nice soft sheets, but it is also important to be with them, pay attention, give them love, tell them stories and poems, so they would grow up into stable, sympathetic, and nice people. Many studies showed that infants and toddlers react the best on songs and poems. It is mainly because of the rhymes and funny usage of words. The best poems for children are still the ones that you were listening from your parents and grandparents when you were a kid. We don’t mean that there aren’t many good writers nowadays, but, to be honest, why spoiling the ones that are already proven to have such an amazing influence on toddlers. These poems are teaching the kids how to behave, when to go to sleep, how to study, how to treat other people, how to be confident and have enough self-esteem, how to embrace their life.

Poems for children give both kids and poem tellers the opportunity to be more creative. While you are telling your kid some poem, you can make different sounds, higher and lower your voice, make funny faces, move your arms and legs, stay on your head, basically every crazy thing that will make you and your kid smile and enjoy this activity. It is said that, at least for toddlers, best poems are the shorter ones.

These are the ones that have 3 to 6 verses. The reason why they fit toddlers the best is that they are catchy and easier to remember. Also, kids between their birth and 7th year are learning everything you are already used to. They have just several years to improve their motoric and mental skills, which is why it can be confusing to them. Also, their brain is not that exercised so they can remember every single thing that they see or hear for the first time. Things that will stick to them are the ones that you often repeat. And this is the easiest to do with these 10 short inspirational poems for children. If you don’t fancy our pick, give us a comment and constructive criticism so we can improve and upgrade our list.