Best Robotics Stocks To Buy For 2022


Robotics is expected to grow from $25 billion in 2021 to $260 billion by 2030, making it the fastest-growing industry in the world. Nearly $170 billion of this growth will be driven by professional service robots. Over the course of the forecast period, sales of logistics robots are expected to total $80 billion. Surgical robots have already performed a million operations worldwide. Robotics growth will also be fueled by the growing demand for small and compact robots, particularly in the medical sector. Sales of service robots, fueled by demand in the cleaning and care-giving industries, are expected to rise above one million units around the world.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 11 best robotics stocks to buy for 2022. Products for factory automation are sold by Fanuc Corporation. Fanuc Corporation has shot to international prominence as a result of an uptick in orders from China. Servo motors, lasers, robots, compact machining centers, and electric injection molding machines are some of the products it sells. Smarter products are being created for consumers thanks to the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence from iRobot Corporation. In North America, the Roomba vacuum cleaners are the most popular product of the company, and their popularity is now spreading to other countries as well. Original equipment manufacturers rely on the electronic equipment and instruments provided by Novanta Inc. Shareholders from institutional investors hold the vast majority of the company’s stock. The Insider Monkey database shows that 15 hedge funds have a combined stake in NOVT of $98 million. On the heels of a strong start to the new year, ABB Ltd has raised its sales and profit targets for 2022. At the end of September, Insider Monkey’s database contained 19 long positions in ABB Ltd worth $721 million. Healthcare automation solutions are provided by Omicell, Inc. ReCept and MarkeTouch Media were acquired for nearly $200 million. Pharma software and specialty pharmaceuticals are the two areas of focus for the two companies. UiPath Inc. RPA technology has a $60 billion addressable market, according to Insider Monkey’s database of 27 hedge funds. The product has a gross margin of more than 80% for the company. For more details, click the 11 Best Robotics Stocks To Buy For 2022.

11 Best Robotics Stocks To Buy For 2022