Best smartphones with infrared blaster and remote control functionality


Best Smartphones with Infrared Blaster and Remote Control Functionality. Infrared? If you are 20 years old, there is a high possibility that you don’t know about this technology which is used for file transfer between phones. Today, we transfer files mostly through the internet, no matter how devices are close to each other. It is easier to transfers files this way because of the high speed of internet, which has grown annually year by year. But, before the internet and even Bluetooth, there was the technology called infrared. So, if you wanted to transfer any type of file, you had to use this technology which was very slow. For example, transferring one picture or song would take you several minutes. Because of slow technology, Apple was the first company that has excluded this technology and started to use Bluetooth.

So, why we are talking about technology which is out of date? Because infrared blasters making a comeback! This technology will be used for one feature which will be included in new phones and that is remote control option! With this option, you will have a possibility to turn your phone into a remote control and change channels of any modern TV. All you need is to adjust an infrared frequency of your phone to match TV’s and you are ready to use this!

If you want to know which phones have infrared blaster and remote control functionality, check out Insider Monkey’s 10 Best Smartphones with Infrared Blaster and Remote Control Functionality article. According to them, Panasonic P55 Novo is at the 10th place, it has infrared but it is also very good phone because it has 3GB of RAM, 16GB memory and 1.3 GHz octa-core processor. It’s a perfect phone and remote control at the same time. To see the other devices on the list, just click the link above and read the whole article on Insider Monkey.


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