Best Stocks Picks And Performance Of Warren Buffett In 2021


For the first time in nearly a decade, the Federal Reserve is preparing to raise interest rates. 2021 was a great year for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Over the past 50 years, the company’s compound annual growth rate has hovered around 20%. As of September 20, 2021, Berkshire Hathaway’s total assets were more than $293 billion. Apple Inc., Wells Fargo & Company, Bank of America Corporation, and The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation were some of the best-performing stocks this year.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 best stock picks and performances of Warren Buffett in 2021. U.S. Bancorp was one of the first companies in which Berkshire invested significantly during the fourth quarter of 2010. That stake was significantly increased over subsequent years, most recently in 2018’s second and third quarters. With the start of a new fiscal year, hedge funds have been optimistic about the company’s prospects. Nearly 3% of Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings are held by Moody’s Corporation. Since 2010, the company has been part of Warren Buffett’s investment portfolio. At the end of the third quarter of 2021, 58 hedge funds held stakes worth $15 billion in Moody’s Corporation. Now worth over $125 billion, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment in Apple Inc. is the company’s largest holding. A total of $146 billion in Apple stock was owned by 120 hedge funds at the end of the third quarter of the year 2021. More than $2.6 billion is invested by Fisher Asset Management in American Express Company, which owns 15.6 million shares. Hedge fund interest in energy stocks like Chevron Corporation has been on the rise recently. For more details, click 10 Best Stocks Picks And Performance Of Warren Buffett In 2021.