This year, the number of IPOs in the United States has decreased. Just 92 businesses offered their shares for sale on the stock market during the first half of 2015. This represents a significant decrease from the 1073 businesses that did so for the entire year 2014. These companies have only managed to raise a meager $9 billion in capital as of 2022. The interest in so-called SPACs, or special purpose acquisition firms, has decreased, which is the cause of this decline.

Insider Monkey looks at the 12 best stocks that have recently had their initial public offering. The share price of Peregrine Gold Limited has increased 144% since the company’s April 2021 IPO. When it was revealed that significant gold reserves had been found in Western Australia, the stock price of the company rocketed by 60%. With its headquarters in West Perth, Australia, Lithium Energy Limited is a miner of lithium and graphite. Australia and Argentina are where the company has properties, and one of its projects is already producing lithium carbonate. Swedish automaker Volvo Car AB (publ.) has been in operation since 1915. By the end of its second quarter, its revenues had increased by 31% yearly. Additionally, the company obtained 37% of the market for heavy-duty electric trucks in Europe. One of the biggest producers of renewable energy in the world is China Three Gorges Renewables (Group) Co.,Ltd. In June of last year, the company floated its shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and since then, they have increased by 43%. For more details, click the 12 Best Stocks That Have Recently Had Their Initial Public Offering.