Best Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Larry Robbins


Larry Robbins is a hedge fund manager from the United States. Since its inception in 2000, Glenview Capital has focused on healthcare, finance, information technology, raw materials (including metals and minerals), consumer discretionary, and communications (cable and wireless). 50.32 percent of his hedge fund’s holdings are in the top ten positions. Larry Robbins earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He began his career in New York at Omega Advisors, founded by Leon Cooperman. In Larry Robbins’ Q3 portfolio, Alphabet Inc. and Uber Technologies, Inc. are two of the most prominent stocks.

Insider Monkey highlights the 10 best stocks to buy according to billionaire Larry Robbins. One of the Big Five US tech companies is Alphabet Inc. It is estimated that Larry Robbins has 50,262 shares of Alphabet Inc., worth $134.3 million, in his 13F portfolio as of Q3 2021. Hill-Rom Holdings, a medical technology company, was acquired by Baxter International Inc. in December 2021. Generation Investment Management, a joint venture between David Blood and Al Gore, holds a $1.6 billion stake in the company. For more information about DxC, please visit their website at In Larry Robbins’ opinion, it is a great investment opportunity. Risk management, insurance brokerage, and advisory services are provided by Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company. Earnings per share for the company were $1.73, beating expectations by $0.15. For $210.5 million, Robbins has 1.33 million shares of Global Payments Inc. Earnings per share were $2.18, beating expectations by a penny. Annual revenue increased by 14.57 percent to $2 billion during the quarter. For more details, click the 10 Best Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Larry Robbins.