Best Stocks To Buy Now According To Billionaire Nicholas Pritzker’s Tao Capital


Nicholas Pritzker is a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur from the United States. He co-founded Tao Capital, a hedge fund based in California that actively invests in businesses. The transportation, energy, technology, healthcare, sustainable food and agriculture, and real estate industries are all represented in Tao Capital’s portfolio. With 15 assets in its portfolio, Tao Capital has a concentrated portfolio. The top 10 holdings account for 94.97 percent of the 13F portfolio. Denali Therapeutics Inc. and Sensei Biotherapeutics, Inc. were totally sold out by Tao Capital in Q4 2021.

Insider Monkey highlights the best stocks to buy according to billionaire Nicholas Pritzker’s Tao Capital. Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm based in Pennsylvania. Treatments for cardiovascular, metabolic, and liver illnesses are developed by the business. In the fourth quarter, Nicholas Pritzker’s Tao Capital boosted its position in the company by 52 percent. Tao Capital owned 70,000 shares of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, valued at $6.7 million, accounting for 2.05 percent of the 13F portfolio. Since the fourth quarter of 2019, the stock has been in Nicholas Pritzker’s portfolio. Benson Hill, Inc. is owned by Tao Capital, which holds 1.77 million shares worth $13 million. Artificial intelligence is used by the corporation to optimize crop yields for food, ingredient, and feed goods. Revenue of $43.72 million above market expectations by $2.33 million in the fourth quarter. 908 Devices Inc. is a technology business situated in Massachusetts that designs and develops solutions for life sciences research, industrial biotech, and forensics. Revenue increased 177 percent year over year to $15.84 million, exceeding expectations by $716,000 dollars. In Q4 2021, Tao Capital owned 3.70 million shares of ironSource Ltd. worth $28.6 million, accounting for 8.76 percent of the 13F portfolio. The stock has an Outperform rating and a $13 price target from Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter. For more details, click 10 Best Stocks To Buy Now According To Billionaire Nicholas Pritzker’s Tao Capital.