Best Stocks Under $20 According To Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies


Jim Simons is an award-winning mathematician and a billionaire hedge fund manager from the United States. In 1982, he launched Renaissance Technologies, a quantitative hedge fund based in New York. Simons’s investment theory is built on detecting patterns, algorithms, and mathematical models to profit from market inefficiencies. Renaissance Technologies’ portfolio is worth about $77 billion, with a 12.38 percent concentration of top ten holdings. In the third quarter of 2021, Renaissance Technologies added 665 new stocks to its portfolio, sold 657 securities, and added 934 new stocks to its portfolio.

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 best stocks under $20 according to Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies. When it comes to fleet size, passengers carried, and revenue passenger mile, American Airlines Group Inc. is the largest American airline. With almost 8 million shares worth $164.44 million, Two Sigma Advisors is one of the company’s largest shareholders. Vector Group Ltd.’s largest shareholder is Renaissance Technologies, followed by Arrowstreet Capital. The $652.65 million in revenue exceeded expectations by $846,000. The company’s quarterly earnings per share came in at $0.34, missing projections by -$0.05. Hello Group Inc. is a media and entertainment firm situated in California. The organization was formed with the intention of focusing on music and social media management. TV and film production, digital content distribution, publishing, and live touring were all added to the company’s businesses throughout time. B2Gold Corporation is a low-cost Canadian gold mining business with operations in Mali, Namibia, and the Philippines. The quarter’s revenue was $510.86 million, up 4.90 percent over the previous quarter. Kinross Gold Corporation is a gold and silver mining company based in Canada that currently operates seven gold mines. Revenue for the quarter was $862.5 million, down 23.76 percent from the previous year quarter and $40.29 million short of expectations. For more details, click 10 Best Stocks Under $20 According To Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies.