Best Summer Camps for Gifted and Talented Children


Every parent thinks that his child is something special. And it is. Not because it is their child, but because each individual has its talent and specialty and no one is denying it. But some kids are considered to be more talented than the other, which is why there are many summer camps designed for children to have as much help and initiative as possible, in order to challenge them and take the most out of their talents.

Although summer vacations are designed for the rest and play, visiting your family and friends, some children prefer practicing their skills and brain to the maximum. And this isn’t a bad thing, because the more attention they pay and more effort they make, more successful and improved they become. The truth is, you can hire a private tutor for your child to help him with more advanced approaches, or they can join some advanced school sections, but you all know that this isn’t the way the self-improvement works. You will all have best results only with the whole-time practice.

These summer camps are designed for each individual to show their best in every field, not just science. There are programs for talented singers, instrument players, little engineers, writers, and painters.

The problem that occurs when you try to explain to your child why summer camps are a good idea is the subconscious knowledge of theirs that there are big chances that they would be mocked by their peers as soon as the school starts. You know now and they will be aware in 20 years that this impression of their peers is even lamer than they think, but at this point, it is all that most of the children can think about.
We live in a world where being smart is something that everybody feels should be embarrassed for, and being talented should be a secret because there are big chances that everyone would either hate or avoid you. As irrational as it seems, but this is our reality, so don’t get this statement get to your child. They should be proud of themselves no matter what people say.
Explain to them that they shouldn’t miss this kind of opportunities because their future depends on it, not on the opinion of their peers. Explain to them that at the high school reunion, when they come as a successful doctor, businessmen, directors, people who mocked them once will come some of them alone, some with the lame jobs, some obese, some of them still working as a parking boys, still living with their parents. And help them choose some of 10 gifted and talented summer programs in NYC and NJ in order to invest in their future.