Best Summer Jobs for 14-years-olds


When you are a student, it seems that the only thing you need to deal with is school. On the other hand, there are the ones that don’t want to leave anything to the case and want to take their life in their own hands as soon as they can. As they can’t enter the world of grownups until they are 18, many 14-year-olds try to at least find a decent summer job, so they can be productive during those 2 months and at least don’t depend on their parents for that time. Believe it or not, best jobs for 14-years-olds not only that don’t require previous experience, but are well-paid as well.

As the lower boundary for employment is 14 years, there is no need for you to worry whether you can find a job or not. In fact, if you find the job that is paid per an hour, you would be happy to know that you are officially allowed to work for 40 hours per a week during the holidays.

The job that you may apply to can be related to some company, or you can just be a bit creative and use the skills you already have to earn some cash during the summer break. You need to know that the jobs that use your own creativity and skills to the maximum are actually the best paying jobs for people your age. Of course, you are aware that you can’t be a leader or have the higher position, as you are still a child, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this opportunity to improve the knowledge and skills that you already have as it can be helpful to you in the future.

As any other person seeking for a job, you can work as a babysitter, or a car wash attendant, or be paid to take care of someone’s pet. Neither of those jobs is as easy as they seem since there are a lot of responsibilities there, but they are easy enough so that you can apply to them even at your age. But if you are not willing to do any of those three that we already mentioned, try out some of 10 summer jobs for 14-year-olds that pay Insider Monkey prepared and be productive this summer.