Best Tech and Dividend Stocks to Buy According to Billionaire Chase Coleman


Tiger Global Management LLC was founded by Chase Coleman, who is also a partner. The New York-based investment firm invests in a variety of sectors. Tiger Global has evolved into a highly successful investment firm with a $43 billion portfolio since its beginning in the early 2000s. Alibaba Group Stake Limited, also known as China’s Amazon, is a key holding of Tiger Global Management LLC. With 51 million shares worth more than $4 billion, Tiger Global Management is the largest shareholder in Tiger Global Management LLC owns 613,095 shares in the company worth $1.90 billion.243 hedge funds in Insider Monkey’s database had positions in worth $50 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Insider Monkey highlighted the list of 10 best tech and dividend stocks to buy according to billionaire Chase Coleman. Mastercard Incorporated is a multinational technology company based in the United States that operates a global payments processing network. Over the last year, investors have received a return of more than 17.92 percent on their investment in the company’s stock. Chase Coleman’s hedge fund holds 724,000 shares in the firm for more than $257 million. Visa Inc. is a payment technology company that makes it easier for people, businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies to make digital payments. In the previous year, the company’s stock had provided investors with returns of more than 15%. Tiger Global Management LLC has 163,000 shares worth more than $34 million in the company. Intuit Inc. is an American firm that provides financial management services to customers, small businesses, and bookkeeping experts across the world. Chase Coleman’s hedge fund has 221,237 shares in the company valued at approximately $84 million, accounting for 0.19 percent of its portfolio. Intuit announced a quarterly dividend of $0.59 per share, which is unchanged from the previous quarter. Farmland Partners Inc. is a real estate firm that buys high-yielding farmland in North America. According to millionaire Chase Coleman, it is placed seventh on the list of the top ten greatest tech and dividend companies to purchase. During the last twelve months, Farmland Partners has returned more than 83 percent to investors. Microsoft Corporation is a technology corporation that develops, licenses, and supports software, devices, and services around the world. Tiger Global Management LLC owns more than 13 million shares in the company, valued at more than $3 billion. According to billionaire Chase Coleman, Farmland Partners is one of the greatest stocks to buy. For more details, click 10 Best Tech and Dividend Stocks to Buy According to Billionaire Chase Coleman.