Best Tech Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Ken Griffin


As a teenager, Ken Griffin traded stocks and earned money. In 1990, he established his first hedge fund, which saw returns of 43% and 40% over the following two years. One of the most closely followed funds on Wall Street is Citadel. Charles Griffin, the leader of the Citadel, claims he does not believe a recession will occur in the upcoming four quarters. Griffin emphasized that China’s “zero-tolerance” approach to COVID-19 has a significant negative impact on the supply chain and is particularly “pro-inflationary.” The billionaire claimed that globalization, which had greatly benefited the world’s economies, particularly the United States, was being reversed in the global economy. Citadel Investment Group started holding 1,689 stocks in the first quarter of 2022, raised its holdings in 5,558 stocks, and sold 1,962 stocks.

Insider Monkey highlights the best tech stocks to buy according to billionaire Ken Griffin. The California-based company sells motherboard chipsets, graphic cards, and microprocessors for PCs, cellphones, workstations, and servers. In the first quarter, Fisher Asset Management grew its stake in Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. by 23%. On May 26, Broadcom Inc. released financial results for the first quarter, reporting earnings per share of $9.07, exceeding projections by $0.35. Next on Ken Griffin’s list of the best tech stocks to purchase is Uber Technologies, Inc. At the end of the first quarter, the billionaire owned 9.47 million shares in the company valued at about $338 million. Digital payments firm Visa Inc. is based in California. At the end of March, Ken Griffin controlled 1.57 million shares of the business, valued at $348.5 million. TCI Fund Management, which held a $4.41 billion position in Visa Inc., was the company’s largest shareholder during the first quarter. American-based Tesla, Inc. is a producer of electric vehicles. With about 344,000 shares, the company stock made up 0.07 percent of Ken Griffin’s Q1 portfolio. In comparison to the previous quarter, when Griffin had 289,000 Tesla shares, this represented a 20% rise. For more details, click the 10 Best Tech Stocks To Buy According To Billionaire Ken Griffin.