Best Tech Stocks to Invest in According to Billionaire Julian Robertson


Julian Robertson is a billionaire, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist from the United States. Tiger Management was created in 1980 with an initial investment of $8 million. Between 1980 and 1998, Robertson returned 31.7 percent per year, outperforming the S & P 500’s 12.7 percent. Robertson has a $4.5 billion net worth. Forbes calculated that his earnings on a $200 million personal trading account were 150 percent in 2009. His approach to investing can be described as a “long-short” strategy. In 2008, he was a short seller of subprime securities and credit default swaps. Julian Robertson of Tiger Management owns shares of Microsoft Corporation, Facebook, Inc., and Alphabet Inc. Robertson’s pick of the finest tech stocks to buy demonstrates that he has a strong interest in the sector.

Insider Monkey identifies the ten best tech stocks to invest in according to billionaire Julian Robertson. According to millionaire Julian Robertson,, Inc. ranks 10th on the list of the finest tech stocks to purchase. Along with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, the corporation is one of the “Big Five” in the US information technology industry. Elastic N.V. is ranked 9th on Robertson’s list of the finest tech investment picks. Elastic Stack, the company’s principal product, allows users to search through unstructured and structured data for a variety of consumer and enterprise applications. Sea Limited is ranked eighth among billionaire Julian Robertson’s top tech stock picks. AirPay and ShopeePay are two of the company’s digital financial services brands. Sea Limited has increased by 47.31% in the last six months and by 41.32 percent year to date. SVMK Inc. is a technology and software company that helps businesses turn stakeholder feedback into action through software solutions. On the list of billionaire Julian Robertson’s best tech stock buys, the company is ranked seventh. It has dropped 10.99% in the last six months and 16.78% year to date. According to billionaire Julian Robertson, Uber Technologies, Inc. ranks 6th on the list of the top tech companies to purchase. The stock has dropped 0.45% in the last six months and 0.72 percent year to date. For more details, click 10 Best Tech Stocks to Buy According to Billionaire Julian Robertson.