Just because you are said to be old enough to make your own grown up’s decisions, and no matter people around you tell you that you are already a teen and not a child anymore, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun. And what is funnier than best teen’s call pranks?

We all did it, previous generations have done it and the next generation will do it as well. You call a person’s house and mess with their heads until their minds are completely blown off. Of course, when you decide to call prank someone, you don’t want to settle with some cheese jokes that aren’t funny even to the toddlers who heard it for the first time.

Although it ordering a pizza to the wrong address is said to be one of the 20 best prank call ideas for a teenager, I wouldn’t agree. If some teenager did it for me, I would be actually delighted to pay for it and might even call that teen to join me if I knew who it was. Because who doesn’t like pizza and who wouldn’t like it to just show up on their door?

But there are some teens who take this whole call prank thing too serious, so they brought it to a new, hard-core level. Many people receive a call about the fake blood results, and, on the bright side, some of them didn’t have their blood exanimated lately, so they quickly realize that it is just a joke. But imagine the next scenario: you have a teenage daughter that, as any other teenager, starts fooling around and acting all strange and closed up. You want to get through her, but nothing seems to work for you. Then, you receive a call. Someone on the other side of the line says that they are calling from some private clinic and that they have your child’s results. Of course, you don’t know anything about it, so you let them continue with some reserves because no one should examine a minor without their parent’s consent. But then they pull out a big gun and you forget all of your legal rights as a parent. ‘’Since your daughter is still a minor, we need to talk to you about the results that just came in. Your daughter’s HCG level is above the normal and the results showed that she is pregnant’’. Pretty terrifying, right? So, what happens next? You call your daughter after you are already done pulling your hair out and calling your spouse to yell and dramatize and you lose your confidence in her when she tries to deny it. How long would it take you to realize that it was only a teen pranking you? Not soon enough, definitely, since you have already survived the nervous breakdown.
Here are 20 funny prank call ideas for teenagers that can entertain them enough, but are more creative than screaming on someone’s phone. But read them even if you aren’t a teen since there are big chances that you will receive a call soon enough.