Best Up and Coming Stocks to Invest In


Disruption enabled by technology is not new, but it has been steadily eroding various industries for years. Growth companies, which are normally associated with the IT industry, have outpaced value stocks during the last decade. In the last five years, the Russell 2000 Growth ETF has risen 105 percent. One of the reasons that tech companies never stop expanding is that they are always developing. Zendesk, Five Below, and Take-Two Interactive Software are among the digital companies that investors should keep an eye on in the coming months. 

Here is Insider Monkey’s list of the 10 best up and coming stocks to invest in. Boxlight Corporation is ranked tenth. Over the last six months, investors have received a 28 percent return on their investment in the company’s stock. Boxlight is a Georgia-based company that sells educational technology. J & J Snack Foods Corp. is ranked ninth. The company is based in New Jersey and sells healthy food and beverages. On July 26, the company announced third-quarter profits, which topped market expectations by $0.74. Redfin Corporation is a real estate brokerage firm situated in Washington, D.C. Over the last year, investors have received a 46 percent return on their investment in the company’s stock. In the selection of the ten best up-and-coming stocks to invest in, Redfin is ranked eighth. Editas Medicine, Inc. came in seventh. Over the last year, the stock has provided investors with returns of more than 38 percent. It is a clinical-stage genome editing company. Magnite, Inc. was ranked sixth on the list of the top ten up-and-coming stocks to buy. Over the last few months, the company’s stock has returned more than 431 percent to investors. For more details, click 10 Best Up and Coming Stocks to Invest In.