TheĀ  SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value ETF saw a slight rise of just over 50%. The value ETF underperformed the SPDR S-P 500 ETF Trust during the same period, rising 112%. In 2022, inflation reached a high not seen in many years. Due to this, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates beginning in March 2022. With rising borrowing costs, growth stocks became more prominent. When compared to their profitability and long-term growth prospects, value stocks are valued lower.

Insider Monkey took a look at the 10 best value stocks to buy for the next decade. The American multinational FedEx Corporation offers e-commerce and transportation services. Total shares outstanding for FedEx increased by 1% to 267 million in FY 2022 from 265 million in FY 2019. Because the company is currently trading at 10x forward adjusted earnings, it is attractively valued. More than 880 locations may be found across the US and Canada at the largest equipment rental company in the world. Due to its one-stop shopping business strategy, the company is increasing its market share. Construction and industrial activities are still increasing despite inflation and issues with the supply chain. Texas-based Valero Energy Corporation is a producer of petrochemical goods and necessary fuels. As of August 16, the stock has a respectable dividend yield of 3.92%. In the past five years, Valero has outperformed Exxon Mobil and Chevron, two of its biggest rivals. Up to 2024, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings expects its EPS to increase by 14% YoY. As of August 16, the corporation offers an annual forward dividend yield of 1.14%, translating to a quarterly dividend of $0.72 per share. As of August 16, Target Corporation’s annual forward dividend yield was 2.46%. 95% of the online orders placed by Stores are fulfilled through the company’s distinctive e-commerce model. According to experts, the selloff presents a chance to purchase Target Corporation stock. For more details, click the 10 Best Value Stocks To Buy For The Next Decade.