Making investments in water ETFs and water stocks is amongst the safest bets in today’s volatile markets. Part of the reliable and split utilities industry, water ETFs and stocks are gaining appeal and value due to a range of vital factors comprising social attributes, ESG mandates, absence of uncertainty, and consistent dividends. Investors are showing bullish behavior for those stocks which possess an internal ESG value long with having alignment with the new standards of climate. We are going to share with you some of the Best Water ETFs And Water Stocks To Buy by referring to the post by Insider Monkey. Insider Monkey shared in their post that:

“According to former managing director at Macquarie Capital Angie Storozynski, water stocks are the best utility stocks because they have “longer investment horizon, lower operating risk” and they ace lower customer-affordability pressures. Water stocks will be the top beneficiaries of the renewable energy push worldwide. President Biden’s push to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and his $2 trillion investment will help the utility sector as a whole. Unlike other utility companies, water companies have little to lose and more to gain from this change.”

York Water is at 10th position in the list which is offering wastewater management, drinking water, and other related services. This company is functioning in 49 different municipalities within Pennsylvania. During the past 12 months, more than a 5.9% decline in stock has been observed. In the Q3 of 2020, a $0.36 of GP EPS has been posted by York, which beats the prediction of $0.02 by Wall Street. In this time duration, the revenue increased by 4.2%.  A total of 9 hedge funds have owned the stakes of York Water in the Q3 of 2020.

The next company is California Water Service which is considered as one of the biggest water utility companies operating in the USA and is serving 489,600 customers. This is the biggest subsidiary of the CWT that also included CWS Utility Services, Hawaii Water Service, New Mexico Water Service, and Washington Water Service. In the Q3 of 2020, the revenues of the company increased by 30% and became $304.11 million. This is also found that around 14 different hedge funds were showing bullish behavior in Q3 of 2020. The top hedge fund of the company is Impax Asset Management of Ian Simms that owns around 1.48 million shares of a total value of $64.28 million. For more information please continue reading 10 Best Water Stocks and ETFs to Buy in 2021.

Best Water ETFs And Water Stocks To Buy