Fiverr is online platforms where you can sell basically any service you want. Although there is a higher competition on some service, Fiverr is still the best way to legally earn easy money.
The best thing is that it is extremely easy to start. There are few steps you have to make to get things going. First, you have to registration, like everywhere else. The next step is to make your gig. The gig is actually the service you are willing to sell and could be practically anything. From serious business such as programming and web development to the fun and crazy services such as painting your body and dancing in front of the camera for 2 minutes. Yes, you have read it well. There is a man from Hawaii earning big money on Fiverr by simply writing the message on his belly and dancing on the beach for 2 minutes.
These services are cheap, minimum $5 per a service, but, in the process of creating a gig, you are offered several options to improve the quality of your service for bigger amounts of money. There are 3 packages for every service you have to offer and each of them has its benefits for you and your customer. For example, if you apply as an article writer, you can charge $5 for 500-1000 words and provide this service in 7 days. The second package can include more words and the less time to finish but can be charged $10-$15. If you decide to bring all of 3 packages, the third one has to include the biggest bill, but also the biggest number of words and the smallest number of due days. So, as you can see, all of this go in favor of everyone.
But we already mentioned that there is higher competition for some gigs. The writing articles gigs are one of them since everyone writes and publishes nowadays. Customers are willing to give a lot of money for great content, but they usually go for the most wanted five sellers to be certain that the job is done right. There are some people willing to give the newbies the chance, but not everyone is willing to risk that much. But Insider Monkey’s research team came up wit 10 easiest gigs to sell on Fiverr to make serious money for the ones that are just starting out there. So, if you are one of those, or are looking to spice up your Fiverr profile a bit, check them out and let us know if it worked out for you as well.