The biggest price, $5 million. You are only missing one number. Drumrolls! You are blinking. There is no chance. But wait, it is your last number! Wait, is it really? Check it again! Yes, it definitely is your last number! Jump, joy, you got $5 million in just half an hour. Get out with your friends and celebrate! Drinks on you for the whole bar! But then comes the morning and you are hung over. What now? You got all this money. But where to stash it? Be real, 5 million dollars is not the amount of money that you would like to keep in your sock drawer. Is it better to put it on your bank account and wait until something good comes along or invest it? What are the best ways to invest your lottery wins anyway?
Buying drinks to everyone is already checked. Now is a time to find the perfect place to spend your money. You can choose two paths. You can be one of those people who decide to spend their money like it was the last day on Earth. You can buy a brand new car, you can buy a new house, and you can buy million things to put in your storage since there is definitely no room for all the trash you are bringing. Or you can be a smart one and invest it somewhere. But here we have another problem.

The whole market is fragile and there is no broker who can guarantee at least a refund of your investment, and not to mention even bigger incomes. You have to think is through carefully. You don’t want to end up becoming the hobo out of millionaire. Don’t expect us to give you all the answers because, if it doesn’t turn out right, we will be the ones to blame, and that is something that we won’t allow ourselves. The best thing we can do for you is to find people who already did it and allow you to pick their brains a bit. But don’t copy them entirely, because if something goes wrong, you can’t blame them for your failure. Besides, if you decide to invest in some company, you want to be the one who is aiming the whole progress the way you want it. So here are 11 lottery winners who are still rich or made more money that we promised.