Best Ways to Learn and Practice Your Spanish


When you are learning a new language, you want the whole package, so we found the best way to learn and practice your Spanish and that’s by finding a job. This way you get to learn how to communicate in Spanish and earn some money at the same time.

You can try several ways to learn some new language. You can take some books, or find some videos and online practice where people already recorded the lessons as well as translations for each of the exercise. You can even find videos with transcriptions, but the thing that lacks here is the practice. There is no point in learning something new if you don’t have the proof of your progress, and when it comes to learning a new language, the proof is the ability to communicate and understand foreigners. If you go to some other country, no one will mock you for bad pronunciation or wrong grammar usage as long as they can understand what you are trying to explain to them. This is why many learners are hiring private tutors, so they can correct them and help them get through the lessons faster. But if you had looked at the other options, you would realize that hiring a private tutor might be a waste of time. They are usually meant for kids and students for passing an exam, but you will be just fine if you only found a job where you can practice your language skills.  And what are these jobs?

According to the Insider Monkey’s research, the best jobs you can take to learn Spanish are woofing, babysitting or be a caregiver, festival circuit, working in a hotel or as a waitress or a bartender, be a fitness or gym instructor, working as a construction worker, or using your skills or earlier experience to get a job at some summer camp. Each of these jobs is paid over €500 and have really good terms. And how will this all going to work? Click on 10 best summer jobs to learn Spanish and you will be automatically transferred to Insider Monkey’s website, where you can find all the details about these opportunities. Good luck with it!