Biggest Canadian Companies


Canadia is amongst the well-developed economies around the globe and situated in the neighborhood of USA, Canada has been experienced steady growth over the past few decades. Canada has the GDP at 9th placed as similar to other developed countries, the focus of the country is on establishing service sectors and offering employment to 3/4th of Canadians. Insider Monkey in their post related to Biggest Canadian Companies has shared some interesting facts about Canada, such as:

“Canada is also blessed in the fact that it has huge terrain and abundant natural resources. In fact, it it said to have the third highest value of total natural resources in the world, with the value being estimated at around $33.2 trillion in 2019. You might be surprised to know this since Canada doesn’t really feature in conversations regarding petroleum resources ahead of other candidates such as Middle Eastern companies, Saudi Arabia and Norway, but Canada actually has the third highest petroleum reserves in the world, and is also the fourth biggest exporter of petroleum in the world too.”

While the population of Canada is approximately 38 million which is just a small fraction of the USA’s population, still Canada is in a position to start the majority of the big companies that are popular across the globe. As the population in Canada is low, the majority of the Canadian biggest companies are also operating in the USA and because of this reason, these Canadian companies are usually listed on 2 key stock exchanges of the US. Apart from Canada and the USA, these big companies are also operating in other countries of the world and are earning huge revenues. Now, let’s start with the list of the Biggest Canadian Companies. The first one on our list is the Bank of Montreal. There are many banks including the Bank of Montreal in the list of biggest Canadian Companies. This bank was started more than 200 years ago. The total revenue of the company as of 2019 is $29.1 billion, profits are $4.4 billion, total organizational assets are $665.2 billion and the net market value of the bank is $32.6 billion in March 2020. 

The next biggest Canadian company on the list is Couche Tard which is a convenience store company with around 15,000 stores where 100,000 employees are working. Total revenues of the company are $57.5 billion, total profit as of 2019 was $2.1 billion and total assets are $24.8 billion. If you want to know what other companies we have on the list, then continue reading 15 Largest Canadian Companies

Biggest Canadian Companies