Biggest Companies With Female CEOs


You may wonder what the absence or presence of a female CEO has to do in the biggest companies such as Wall Street and suggesting stocks. With the increasing awareness of gender equality, women are struggling to bridge the gender gap by working side by side with men and holding CEO positions in different biggest companies. Here, we are going to mention the 15 Biggest companies with female CEOs which are listed by Insider Monkey. 

Men don’t even realize how tough this world is for females, but now the signs of improvement have been observed on this side. Besides feminism, some other initiatives are also required to bring equality and offer opportunities to women to enjoy major posts in a company including the role of a CEO. 

Let’s start with General Motors (NYSE:GM) which is topping this list. The reason behind putting this company on the top is that the company belongs to the cars and automobiles industry which is considered as a field purely for men. Fixing and manufacturing cars is a manly activity. So, the interesting fact that a woman is leading the company as a CEO proves that how far females have come in breaking stereotypes and glass ceilings together. Currently, Mary Barra is the CEO of GM for the last 6 years and has assisted the company in earning $137.2 billion as revenues. The next company on the list is Anthem Inc. (NYSE:ANTM) whose CEO is also a female. Gail Koziare Boudreaux is both the CEO and chairman of the company which is operating in the healthcare industry. She was a basketball athlete and is a highly talented woman. She is delivering her best and making the company able to earn more than $104.2 billion as revenues. 

Aviva is the 3rd company on the list which has been ruled by a female CEO, Amanda Blanc. Aviva is a UK-based multinational insurance firm with its headquarter in London. Amanda Blanc joined the company as a CEO in July 2020. Before becoming a part of Aviva, she had worked as a CEO at Zurich Insurance Group and also at Axa. Apart from these experiences, she was the first woman who was selected as the chair of the Association of British Insurers. Her plans are to bring Aviva to the heights of success and currently the revenues of Aviva are $89.62 billion. If you want to learn more about female CEOs, then read the 15 biggest companies with female CEOs.

Biggest companies with female CEOs